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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Swiss air force upgrading surveillance radars

Paris (UPI)
Jan 19, 2017

Master air defense radars of the Swiss air force are to be modernized by Thales to extend their operational capabilities until the year 2030.

The work is part of the Swiss government's FLORAKO radar modernization program. It was commissioned by Armasuisse, the Swiss armaments procurement agency, and is worth more than $79 million.

"We are proud that Amasuisse has decided to renew its trust in Thales and award us with the sustainability contract for the Swiss Air Force radars until 2030," said Thomas Got, Thales vice president in charge of military air operations and weapon systems. "We are fully committed to this partnership and are keen to meet the requirements and expectations of the Swiss armed forces."

Thales said the upgrade work on fixed long-range surveillance radars will be carried out at the company facility in Limours, near Paris, in cooperation with RUAG defense, who will act as a Thales subcontractor.

Modernization of the radars will take about five years.

Thales said the project will involve development of a new radar signal and upgrading the radar's data processing and antenna system.

The Swiss air force has had an air defense command-and-control system by Thales and its partners since 2004.

Source: Space Daily.
Link: http://www.spacedaily.com/reports/Swiss_air_force_upgrading_surveillance_radars_999.html.

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